Oat milk production
Oat milk production

The client tried to manufacture this product at his own factory. Big money was spent but the final product didn't meet the requirements.

The client's request was to develop the formulation of plant-based milk with a taste similar to the famous brand taste.

After drawing up a technical requirement we set to work. As this product was unique to the market, it was challenging to handle it.

This is what we did:

  1. The client provided us with a sample of plant-based milk.
  2. In our laboratory we defined the components of the product.
  3. We ordered the required raw materials from the suppler.
  4. We developed the formulation and the processing chain.
  5. We produced plant-based milk, but didn't take into account that the raw materials should be thoroughly checked.
  6. Reviews from the taste test were positive.
  7. We monitored the product and within 3 days we detected changes in its composition: a spore-forming bacterium was found.
  8. We looked for the source of the bacterium as the processing chain was followed.
  9. After consulting with a team we decided to double-check the quality of the raw materials coming to our laboratory.
  10. We found that one of the components didn't meet the required standard of quality.
  11. The supplier of this product was replaced.
  12. After getting the product sample from a new supplier we checked its quality and were satisfied with the result.

Overall results: having double-checked the formulation, the processing chain and the raw materials we launched a new high quality product with a shelf life of 6 months that met all the client's requirements.

This experience helped us to add a plant-based milk to our portfolio.

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