Iced tea production
After visiting Europe, our client was impressed with the flavor of iced tea he tasted there. So, he brought us a sample of this product. This iced tea was unique to Russian market. The challenge was to develop the formulation and the processing chain for this product, construct a production line, and select an appropriate production site with the required power.

This is what we did:

  1. We determined the composition of the product.
  2. We ordered all the required raw materials and checked their individual quality.
  3. The raw materials were of high quality, so then we developed the formulation and the processing chain.
  4. We created the product with the required shelf life and the flavor similar to the given product sample. The calculated prime cost was included.
  5. After, the next step was to select the required equipment.
  6. We purchased the equipment and set off to select a production site with the required power and utility systems.
  7. We found a production site for the production and began to install the equipment there.
  8. We tested the water in this location to check its microbiological properties, but it didn't meet the quality requirements. We solved this problem with additional equipment for water treatment. As a result, the quality of water improved remarkably.
  9. The next step was commissioning works and training the personnel responsible for this production.

Let's review the results:

  • The laboratory team reached the targets.
  • The iced tea counterpart was created.
  • We purchased the required equipment.
  • Search for a production site.
  • Development of the processing chain.
  • Commissioning works.
  • Training the personnel.
  • The client received the information about the suppliers of used raw materials. Production was launched successfully.
  • The product is ready to be put on to market.
  • The client is satisfied with the services he received.

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