What to do to establish the production of bottled water

Our actions:
We have organized the extraction of water, as this is a mandatory stage of setting up production. That's where we always start. We applied to the sanitary and epidemiological service so that specialists would conduct a comprehensive and thorough study of the well itself and the area around it, including the soil, soil layers. We have carried out the arrangement of an artesian well: bottled water should be alive. This is the best method of production, since purified tap water is considered dead, the same as distilled.
We have created the necessary conditions in the room, checking the object for vibration and noise levels, for compliance with hygienic standards. We have equipped the correct ventilation system according to the regulations. In order for the finished product (bottled water) to comply with the regulations, a recipe for food production is being developed. In this case, a formulation was developed for mineralization and effective saturation of water with important trace elements.
Our specialists selected the best equipment for water purification, delivered it to the facility.
For the convenience of production activities for the production of bottled water, we have divided the facility into two separate rooms – the first is cleaned, the second is bottled.
We installed the equipment in the building and helped with the launch.
To meet the technical requirements of the customer, the following steps were taken:
1. The development of a recipe for the production of food (water), the creation of production plans;
2. The equipment necessary for conducting business has been selected and purchased;
3. The arrangement of the factory building was carried out in accordance with the standards.
We have formed a business from start to finish, starting with the selection of the well, then training the staff, choosing permanent suppliers. With us, you can earn a fortune reliably, quickly and simply. Our clients always develop a successful business.
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