Development of a recipe for the production of lemonade for a food company

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What is unique about each food product? What is added and how is it created? These questions are of concern or interest to any person who consumes food.
At the moment, there is a very large selection of products on the food market, but not all can confirm their quality and meet the requirements. They are carried out only at an industrial enterprise, where the recipe for food production is developed, and quality control at each stage before going to the store.
The production of lemonade is especially controlled, since it is consumed to a greater extent by children. When creating this product, the entire raw material market is studied in detail, thorough laboratory tests are carried out to ensure that a high-quality and not expensive product is created at the output. The technological scheme of production is simple, purified water is softened and then saturated with carbon dioxide and the water becomes carbonated, after which it is mixed with blended syrup. Syrups are made in a syrup-making apparatus: the water is heated to a boil, constantly stirring with stirrers, and gradually adding purified sugar to it. When the syrup cools down, citric acid and other ingredients and food additives are added to it. This is a laborious and long process to create a real masterpiece. Closed tastings of laboratory-made test samples are held. Organoleptics and taste are taken into account. Next, the product is refined to the desired result. And a second tasting is carried out.
As soon as the recipe is created and the cost of the product is calculated, the plant strives to release a new line of its brand as soon as possible. The issue of the timing of production and the possibility of storing finished products is being discussed.
Industrial equipment is being prepared for launch. They try to take into account all the nuances of possible failures and downtime of the production line. The external design is not a little important. It allows you to sell this product soon. At the output, we get a high-quality, delicious and at the same time not expensive product that meets all the requirements.
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