Development of a recipe for the production of oat milk

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So, we were approached by a disappointed customer. He has a small production shop, where he tried to establish the production of oat milk on a small industrial scale. But failed. A lot of money was invested, but it was not possible to produce oat milk to taste like in the store.
Therefore, our task before the client was to develop oat milk that resembles the taste of another popular brand. He is the most famous.
First of all, we made a technical task. It took a lot of time, as the product promised to be unique in the market, having no analogues before. They wanted to establish production from fermented oatmeal powder. With its use, the production technology is simplified, bypassing the oat processing stage, and the output product turns out to be tender, without bitterness, which vegetable products usually have.
Procedure of actions:
We received a sample of oat milk from a client. Such as he wants to see the finished product.
Samples were taken in the laboratory and the ingredients included in the composition were determined.
We have ordered raw materials from suppliers.
Development of a unique recipe and production technology.
After the tasting, consumers spoke very positively about our oat milk. But for several days our technologists observed the behavior of the finished product. Bacteria began to multiply in it. The source of the bacterium was found in the process chain. The purchased raw materials turned out to be of poor quality.
It was decided to change the suppliers of raw materials and be more responsible about the choice for the future. Raw materials from new suppliers have already been monitored in more detail.
Overall results: after rechecking the recipe, process chain and raw materials, we released a new high-quality product with a shelf life of 12 months, which met all the requirements of the client. Storage of oat milk must be carried out at a temperature from 0 to 25 degrees in a dry ventilated warehouse.
Thus, oat milk became part of our assortment and recipes for food production were developed.
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