The development of recipes for industrial food enterprises
A recipe is understood as a type of technological documentation prepared for finished products, which includes two or more ingredients. The recipe used in production should contain a detailed list of components, including raw materials used in the manufacture of the final product, the percentage of these ingredients in the finished product and a number of other information.
The development of recipes for industrial food enterprises is an important stage in the organization of production, since the safety and quality of products directly depends on the list and volume of ingredients included in the recipe.
Formulation development: requirements, algorithm
The development, testing and subsequent approval of the recipe is a time-consuming process that requires theoretical knowledge and serious practical skills from specialists.
The preparation of an accurate recipe necessarily entails knowledge of chemical, physical, organoleptic, biological and a number of other indicators of the finished product, as well as the compatibility of the ingredients used, the norms of raw materials, standards of losses, waste during production, as well as knowledge of the basics of the legislative framework regulating the quality and safety of manufactured products.
At the initial stage of formulation development, a draft document is being prepared, including:
- name, list of components in the technological sequence, starting with the base ingredient;
- norms for laying components (gross, net);
- in the case when production is aimed at the production of semi-finished products - their mass is prescribed;
- mass, volume of output of finished products.
Information specified in the recipe
The development of the recipe documentation is carried out either within the framework of already existing rules and recipes or on the basis of the use of new production technologies or products and should include the following mandatory information:
- requirements for the quality of raw materials used in the manufacture of products, with reference to the current state standards or technical specifications;
- standards for the production of one unit of goods for the consumption of raw materials;
- maximum loss rates in the case of;
- maximum permissible standards for deviations in the mass of finished products;
- necessary storage conditions and shelf life of products.
Prescription documentation, including technological, technical and technological maps, instructions, are approved by the head of the organization, their validity is not limited.
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