Ever since I was a child, I have always loved creating something new in the area of food products, and my passion has grown with age.

After graduation, I decided to set up a production of kvass and lemonades. I soon faced some problems: beverages were bland and watery, and the shelf life was just 2 or 3 days.

At that time, it was really hard to find a highly qualified food technologist, so I had to overcome these challenges on my own. I looked for all possible causes, from the quality of raw materials to the manufacturing technology. The problem was solved within 3 weeks. I launched a high-quality product, that was unique to the market at that time. Since then, I developed my own way to create new inventions and develop food products and created products to compete with the beverages presented on the store shelves.

Currently more than 200 formulas of non-alcoholic beverages have been developed in the Romanov Laboratory. More than 30 factories have launched their production with our help.

When working with us you save your time, money and energy. This is absolutely crucial for overcoming the modern business world's fierce competition.

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