Food technologist
Food product developer

We develop formulas and processing technologies for food products and beverages with rich flavors and a required shelf life
We help take your idea from kitchen table to finished product.
You can buy processing technology, order the development of formula and food products, buy food production, and receive the services of a food technologist
We work with producers that range from the household enterprises to the factories throughout Russia, CIS and EU countries, and the USA
320 +
Projects we launched
Years on the market
70 +
Established factories
2 years
For us, the best result is our client's success!
In 2010, I graduated from the Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation's Faculty of Trade and Technology in the Department of Technology and Organization of Public Catering.

I am a member of "Scientific and technological park of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok".

I founded the Romanov Laboratory which specializes in food products development.

I formed a team of professionals that includes food technologists and food product developers, commissioning and start-up specialists, and testing engineers. All employees have higher education in this area and at least 10 years of professional experience.
My name is Romanov Evgeny Alexandrovich
What you get
Fast deadlines, reasonable price, adjustments of tasks at the moment
A large Siberian laboratory with a large staff of food technologists, relying on its many years of experience, quickly identifies the causes of improper quality of the product, raw materials
Our own production base will allow us to develop food equipment according to an individual project in the shortest possible time
At the conclusion of the contract, we transfer the right to possess this unique recipe.
How it works
We will check the quality of raw materials and water, find reliable suppliers.
We will develop a formulation and a manufacturing plan for a food item.
We will draw up required accompanying documents: from Customs Union Declaration of Conformity to the development of manufacturing specifications and manufacturing instruction.
We will check the quality of the final product, put it on the market, and train personnel.
We work around the USA, Canada, EU countries, and Great Britain
If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or by completing this form and you will get my personal reply
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